Creative Ways for Couples to Celebrate February 14th

Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again – A time for candy tarts and cinnamon hearts. It’s also a time for sharing precious moments with the ones we love. For couples, this means an exciting night out on the town, or maybe a romantic night in. But most couples get tired of the same old dating routine. There must be something more original to do than dinner and a movie or a walk on the beach. If you’re looking for some unique date ideas for this Valentines Day then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 unique date ideas, perfect for any couple celebrating Valentine’s Day this February 14th.

Volunteer Together

Why not spend some time together with your sweetheart and make a difference in the world all in the same date. Volunteer at a local community center, retirement home or animal shelter. You’ll be helping those in need while also getting to know your better half.

Cooking a Meal as a Couple

Cooking a romantic dinner for two together as a couple is much more original than simply going out to dinner. Take a stroll through the supermarket and carefully select each other’s favorite foods. Once in the kitchen either work together as a team or cook each other a meal. Remember to pick out something chocolate for dessert as this is known to stimulate the senses and set the mood for romance.

Take a Hiking Adventure

If you and your sweetie are the outdoor type, then taking a hike together through the trails is a great idea. There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll through beautiful, secluded trails. If you pack a blanket lunch, you can have a lovely picnic in a hidden grove. Also, nothing gets the blood pumping and ready for a romantic evening later than a little exercise.

Soar the Skies in a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If adventure is your thing and no one is afraid of heights then consider a hot air balloon ride for your valentines date. While this may take some planning in advance, imagine holding and kissing your beloved while watching a beautiful sunset way up in the sky.

Go Go-Karting

For those that like to move fast in their love life, literally, go-karting is just the thing. Challenge your date to a go-kart race. The loser has to kiss the winner and buy them dinner to unwind from such fast-paced fun.

See a Magic Show

Tired of going to a regular old movie? Try something different like going to see a magic show or hypnotist. Enjoy an engaging night out watching real feats of magic will sharing a meal and a few drinks with the favorite person in your life. If you’re daring, volunteer as a couple in the show – It will be a night you won’t forget!

Visit the Zoo

Zoo’s are not just for children. Often they have fantastic landscapes and amazing scenery. And of course, there are all the amazing animals. Spend the day strolling through the park, hand-in-hand, taking as many photos as you can. Don’t forget to buy each other a souvenir at the end of the zoo date.

Share a Round of Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf

This isn’t ordinary mini-golf, but glow-in-the-dark! Nothing sets the mood better than an evening in the dark. Challenge your date to a game. Without going overboard, a little healthy competition can be good in a relationship.

Visit a Historic Site or Museum

Visit a local museum or historic site. Some historic sites even offer ghost tours of the old buildings. Nothing brings people closer together than a good old ghost story, as your girl will be holding close.

Attend a Sports Game

For the sports fanatic couples why not see a game on Valentines Day! If you both have a love of a sport then see a sports game. Sharing a common interest in activities is healthy for a relationship and can increase the bond between one another.

Romance isn’t just about candlelit dinners, fancy clothes and ballroom dancing. It’s about sharing common interests and spending time together doing the things that you both love, whether that be scuba diving, cooking or relaxing on the beach. According to Online Dating Magazine, unique date nights add just the right spice to any relationship. Have your own special Valentine’s date night by doing something that you both love. Be creative!