Three Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Women: Self-Love Days for Outdoors-Loving, City-Dwelling, and Nerdy Girls

For those women who don’t have someone special with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but aren’t bothered by it, questions from friends can be awkward. Varying from pity to commiseration, these comments might seem out of place for the woman who enjoys being alone. One way to dissuade them is to declare a Self-Love Day. Going on a fun date with friends or spending time with family can also be a great way to celebrate, but those who don’t have single friends or live near family can follow these tips for a great date without a partner.

The Outdoor Date

Women who are physically active or live near some great scenery can take advantage of the fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday in 2017 and try this date that will get the blood flowing and adrenaline pumping. This date can take many forms, from a day hike up a mountain and a photography session and picnic at the top to a ski day with a hot cocoa and some time at the sauna to finish.

This is a great opportunity to go do a physical activity that there isn’t normally time for, even if it’s just Rollerblading around the neighborhood or going to a local pool and doing backflips off the diving board. This date might include a break for a picnic lunch or a trip to the spa for a massage afterwards to revive those sore muscles.

The Urban Date

This is a good choice for women living in more urban areas. It’s not often that one gets to be a tourist in our own city, or take the time to really enjoy the place where one lives. The first step for this date (or for any of the dates!) is to remove the wristwatch or hide the cell phone. This date is about wandering, not getting somewhere on time.

One way to do this is to get a travel book and pretend to be an actual tourist, or to imagine that out-of-town guests are coming and plan the day to show off some of the city’s best sights. Another tip is to look up popular walking tours online, or to tailor the day to individual interests. Artists might like to spend the day museum and gallery hopping, while shoppers might prefer to take $200 out of the ATM and dedicate the day to the city’s best stores. Foodies can do a tasting tour of the city’s restaurants, cafes, markets, and wine shops.

The Nerdy Date

This is a great idea for women who aren’t athletic and don’t do traditional romance. Rather than a typical date, self-described nerds can hone in on a particular interest and take a day to indulge guilt-free. This might mean spending the day at an independent bookstore reading an alternative romance novel, staying in and watching favorite off-beat movies (Amélie and Paris Je T’aime are great choices for fans of foreign films), or attending a cool community workshop.

With these ideas, anyone can enjoy fun and romance on Valentine’s Day even without a partner! And if none of these date ideas sound right for you, check out some great Valentine’s dates for romantics, artsy types, and anyone who wants to feel like a kid again.